Monday, July 25, 2016

From the Bottom to the Top

Rolex is a world renowned brand popular for its lavish watches. As many know, with a reputation for being "expensive" most things get tagged as being frail or easily broken. An excellent example of this would be the predisposition people have when buying a luxury car; cars brands such as BMW  have a reputation of needing a tune up every time they're driven. Fortunately, Rolex breaks this stereotype with an amazing display of resilience from their watches.

Rolex watches have survived the highest point on Earth. An expedition led by Sir Edmund Hillary was ensued to trek to the top of Mt. Everest. What brand of watch was the team wearing? Rolex. Sir Hillary was standing atop the great mountain brandishing his Rolex watch. All the while, the Rolex watch never even skipped a second

On the other hand, Rolex watches have survived at extreme depths in the ocean. In 1960, a Rolex watch was attached to a bathyscaphe owned by the US Navy. This  free diving, self propelled vessel went to depths of over 35,000 feet into the Mariana Trench. The watch was subjected to pressures of roughly 14,000 PSI. After the bathyscaphe reemerged, the watch was inspected. The Rolex watch had survived all of that pressure and did not lose any time whatsoever.

In regards to the fact that Rolex can survive such extreme conditions, it is safe to say the watches do not follow the trend of expensive but easily broken. The resilience of a Rolex watch is incredible and Rolex watches continue to prove their worth time after time again. Never forget, your Rolex will last a lifetime if you treat it well.

Friday, July 22, 2016

History of the Rolex Air King

The Rolex Air King has quite the interesting backstory. Similarly to most luxury watches, the Air King is a symbol but not one of status. Rather, this watch represents honor, bravery and valor. The Air King's symbolism is a consequence of the fact that Oyster Perpetual watches were favored by Royal Air-force pilots.

During the 1930's, many pilots abandoned their standard issue watch for their preferred Rolex watches, a practice that would lead well into WWII. These Pilots would go on to run many missions wearing their watch, serving their country. News of this practice would eventually reach the ears of  Hans Wilsdorf, a founder of Rolex

Promptly after the founder of Rolex discovered that pilots used Rolex watches rather than their own, Rolex began to manufacture a line of "Air" watches. Watches such as the Air Lion, Air Giant, Air Tiger and Air King flew off of the production lines. The simple watch was meant to be resiliant and able to withstand the many missions these pilots would endure. Nevertheless, the Air King was the only watch from the "Air" line to be widely used by the public. Therefore, in 1945, the first modern Air King was born and acted as a conglomeration of all the Air line watches.

As a result of this, the other Air models were lost and the Air King rose in popularity and had continued sucess well into the 1960s. The watch is still made today, making it one of the oldest, continously made watch models made by Rolex. Nevertheless, the watch is still as battle-ready, simplistic, and tough as it was the day it was conceived. Paired with the cheap price, these attributes make the Air King a fitting memorial to the men who served so valiantly, all while boasting a Rolex.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Most Expensive Rolex Ever

Rolex is famous for its quality watches and infamous for the prices. When somebody thinks "expensive watch" it's usually followed by "Oh yeah... Rolex". Nevertheless, I got curious as to how much money somebody was willing to spend on one of these timepieces. Now, obviously I'm gonna tell you eventually but just take a second to guess. Remember to think like a wealthy Sheikh rather than a regular person.

The price for the record of the most expensive Rolex  was 1.16 million dollars (US, of course)

16 million bucks, that's more than some people make in a lifetime. To think some person spent that on a watch is astounding. All money envy aside, the watch itself is beautiful. The timepiece is composed of baton numerals, 17 jewels and  Arabic rose gold. So while you're sitting there, loathing the man or woman who was able to afford that kind of luxury, let me put into perspective what you can buy with 1.16 million dollars. (Keep in mind these are all approximations that leave you with some money left over).

  1. 5 houses assuming you pay the median house cost in the US 
  2. 12 Porsche 911 cars 
  3. 5 Lamborghini Gallardo cars 
  4. A 12.5 ft tall, 5 tons, fully functional mech robot that you can operate (y'know... Japanese ingenuity)
  5. 1,450 64 GB Iphone 6s model phones 
  6. 570 LED 60in flat screen TVs with 4k ultra HD
  7. 29 Rolex SkyDweller watches 
  8.  232 Pomsky breed dogs
It's crazy how much money some people have! Nevertheless, most of us wish we could be the ones buying that watch. So remember, next time you're in the market for a Rolex, be glad you aren't paying over a million dollars for it

Monday, July 18, 2016

Choosing Your Diamond Shape

All cuts are equal when it comes to diamonds; no style of cut is objectively better or worse than another.  Nevertheless, each shape has its own advantages and disadvantages (but we like to focus on the positive). There is a perfect shape for everyone, because with each shape comes a different cut and a fresh display of light and style. Below are a list of diamond shapes and what they have to offer.

Round Brilliant:  The display of light from this shape is just spectacular. Additionally, the facet arrangement hides many inclusions. Also, because this is one of the most common shapes, there are generally more size variants of it to choose from.

Triangular Brilliant: Also a magnificent light display, and good for someone looking for something different. Triangular brilliants make beautiful and picturesque side stones when they're cut small.

Oval Cut: This cut produces somewhat of an optical illusion and it looks larger than a round cut of equal weight. Oval cuts are a wonderful alternative to round cuts without being flashy or unconventional.

Pear Shape: This shape is both graceful and stylish without being too trendy. Pear shapes are great for drop pendants and earrings. Their tapered and elegant shape can be flattering on both a finger and hand.  They are often the cut of choice for larger diamonds which tend to look heavy when cut as round.

Fancy shapes such as Marquise: These shapes often look larger than a round brilliant with the same carat weight. Marquise are flattering on the finger, which causes it  to seemingly elongate and thin out with the finger 

Heart Shape: A heart shape diamond is obviously the most romantic. They look great as solitaire pendants. The heart shape also gives off an exceptionally bright look.

Emerald Cut: Many feel that emerald cuts are especially elegant because of their bold, geometric symmetry which emphasizes the diamond’s transparency. The Emerald cut is considered a step cut because of the way it looks. This resembles going down a tunnel of steps when you stare right into the center. The lines are straight and austere, almost.

Princess Cut: The perfect alternative to emerald cut for people who like the shape of a rectangle or a square, but want the look of a brilliant cut. Princess cuts give off wondrous optical effects; they are flashy but solid. The Princess cut is chosen repeatedly for men’s jewelry and in channel settings. (Some proprietary square and rectangular cuts are called Quadrillions and Radiants.)

As you can see, shape is simply a matter of taste and bringing out the most in any given diamond. What's your perfect cut? 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Quick Tips for Smart Rolex Buying

"He Could not just wear a watch. It had to be a Rolex."
-Ian Fleming 

   A Rolex is a status symbol, a way to enter a room and grab the attention of everyone in there. One of their watches are beautifully simple, expensive and remarkably luxurious; who doesn't want one? Although some Rolex watches go for 1.16 million dollars, many a middle-class, average Joe can lay claim to one of these timepieces. Nevertheless, you have to do your research before you buy a Rolex if you want to get the best deal (and make sure you don't buy a fake one). So, without further ado, here is a list of tips and tricks to remember when you're on the hunt for on of these renowned chronometers.

Do your research 

Look up what you're buying. If you want to get yourself a nice Rolex Daytona or Submariner, make sure you know what prices they go for. Also, learning terminology doesn't hurt either, plus it only takes a few minutes to learn the important words. For example, the bezel is the ring around the face of the watch, the dial is the part of the face which is under the crystal and the wristband is typically of oyster or jubilee variety.

Buy through a reputable jeweler or company

Although buying through Craigslist or eBay are definitely viable ways to obtain your watch, it is a lot safer (and usually easier) to purchase through a company or jeweler who's been verified. There are two very good reasons to do this and they are: the sellers can be held accountable for any discrepancies in their sale or product description and you can see customer reviews and info about them before you buy. Additionally, if they happen to give you a bad deal or a fake watch, they're less likely to go unpunished for their actions

 Is the deal too good to be true?

I'm sure many of you have encountered expensive products at ridiculously low prices. Hopefully some of those deals happened to be real but all too often they're scams to get your email address or worse, your money. There are just some prices that are too low, cause the cheapest Rolex you can get is a used Air King for about 1800 dollars. If you're in the market for a genuine Rolex, always keep an eye on the price and your hands off of the "Buy Now" button 

After your purchase, confirm the authenticity  

Hey, we all make mistakes. Some of us leave the stove on, others forget to walk the dog and there are those select few who buy a fake Rolex. If you ever doubt the authenticity of your new time piece, get a second opinion. Any certified watch dealer or jeweler can verify if the product you just bought was genuine. There's no harm in doubting your what you bought because endless waves of people on the web are out to take advantage of you. 

All in all, buying a Rolex is a great experience and is well worth any hassle; nothing screams status like a Rolex Presidential. Regardless, just because it's an expensive watch doesn't mean you can't get a good deal on it. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rolex, the science of watches

As many already know, Rolex is a world-class brand with a keen attention to detail. Although, just how committed is Rolex to their quality? The answer: almost obsessively. Not only does Rolex have an internal R&D department, they also have multiple, well equipped and heavily funded science labs at their facilities. The labs research watches but also look into more efficient and effective manufacturing techniques. On the other hand, you can always see Rolex as a manufacturing conglomerate that just happens to make chronometers and timepieces. In regards to the labs, we're talking about electron microscopes; they have some very advanced (and expensive) stuff. All in all, it goes to show how focused Rolex is on providing the highest quality products they possibly can. So, next time you're looking down at the beautiful piece you've got on your wrist, try to remember what level of work and research went into it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What happens when you put your Rolex in the dishwasher?

Moose589, a WatchUSeek forum user, put his SeaDweller in his Kitchen Aide dishwasher to see how much his watch could actually withstand. Keep in mind: the average dishwasher reaches about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. He put the watch inside and ran a heavy duty cycle; he ran the highest setting used to clean grime off of pots and pans. After the washer went through its full cycle, the owner checked to see if his watch was still working. As he took it out, he realized it was still ticking and had minimal to no damage whatsoever. Stories like this show consumers how resistant one of these luxury watches are, demonstrating that you can be fashionable anywhere. So, if you ever want to put your Rolex in a dishwasher (although I highly advise you don't) there's a good chance it will come out just as nice as it went in (and clean too). The resistance of these watches make them ideal for any situation, any place. Nevertheless, take care of your Rolex and it will last a lifetime!