Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What happens when you put your Rolex in the dishwasher?

Moose589, a WatchUSeek forum user, put his SeaDweller in his Kitchen Aide dishwasher to see how much his watch could actually withstand. Keep in mind: the average dishwasher reaches about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. He put the watch inside and ran a heavy duty cycle; he ran the highest setting used to clean grime off of pots and pans. After the washer went through its full cycle, the owner checked to see if his watch was still working. As he took it out, he realized it was still ticking and had minimal to no damage whatsoever. Stories like this show consumers how resistant one of these luxury watches are, demonstrating that you can be fashionable anywhere. So, if you ever want to put your Rolex in a dishwasher (although I highly advise you don't) there's a good chance it will come out just as nice as it went in (and clean too). The resistance of these watches make them ideal for any situation, any place. Nevertheless, take care of your Rolex and it will last a lifetime!

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