Monday, July 18, 2016

Choosing Your Diamond Shape

All cuts are equal when it comes to diamonds; no style of cut is objectively better or worse than another.  Nevertheless, each shape has its own advantages and disadvantages (but we like to focus on the positive). There is a perfect shape for everyone, because with each shape comes a different cut and a fresh display of light and style. Below are a list of diamond shapes and what they have to offer.

Round Brilliant:  The display of light from this shape is just spectacular. Additionally, the facet arrangement hides many inclusions. Also, because this is one of the most common shapes, there are generally more size variants of it to choose from.

Triangular Brilliant: Also a magnificent light display, and good for someone looking for something different. Triangular brilliants make beautiful and picturesque side stones when they're cut small.

Oval Cut: This cut produces somewhat of an optical illusion and it looks larger than a round cut of equal weight. Oval cuts are a wonderful alternative to round cuts without being flashy or unconventional.

Pear Shape: This shape is both graceful and stylish without being too trendy. Pear shapes are great for drop pendants and earrings. Their tapered and elegant shape can be flattering on both a finger and hand.  They are often the cut of choice for larger diamonds which tend to look heavy when cut as round.

Fancy shapes such as Marquise: These shapes often look larger than a round brilliant with the same carat weight. Marquise are flattering on the finger, which causes it  to seemingly elongate and thin out with the finger 

Heart Shape: A heart shape diamond is obviously the most romantic. They look great as solitaire pendants. The heart shape also gives off an exceptionally bright look.

Emerald Cut: Many feel that emerald cuts are especially elegant because of their bold, geometric symmetry which emphasizes the diamond’s transparency. The Emerald cut is considered a step cut because of the way it looks. This resembles going down a tunnel of steps when you stare right into the center. The lines are straight and austere, almost.

Princess Cut: The perfect alternative to emerald cut for people who like the shape of a rectangle or a square, but want the look of a brilliant cut. Princess cuts give off wondrous optical effects; they are flashy but solid. The Princess cut is chosen repeatedly for men’s jewelry and in channel settings. (Some proprietary square and rectangular cuts are called Quadrillions and Radiants.)

As you can see, shape is simply a matter of taste and bringing out the most in any given diamond. What's your perfect cut? 

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