Friday, July 15, 2016

Quick Tips for Smart Rolex Buying

"He Could not just wear a watch. It had to be a Rolex."
-Ian Fleming 

   A Rolex is a status symbol, a way to enter a room and grab the attention of everyone in there. One of their watches are beautifully simple, expensive and remarkably luxurious; who doesn't want one? Although some Rolex watches go for 1.16 million dollars, many a middle-class, average Joe can lay claim to one of these timepieces. Nevertheless, you have to do your research before you buy a Rolex if you want to get the best deal (and make sure you don't buy a fake one). So, without further ado, here is a list of tips and tricks to remember when you're on the hunt for on of these renowned chronometers.

Do your research 

Look up what you're buying. If you want to get yourself a nice Rolex Daytona or Submariner, make sure you know what prices they go for. Also, learning terminology doesn't hurt either, plus it only takes a few minutes to learn the important words. For example, the bezel is the ring around the face of the watch, the dial is the part of the face which is under the crystal and the wristband is typically of oyster or jubilee variety.

Buy through a reputable jeweler or company

Although buying through Craigslist or eBay are definitely viable ways to obtain your watch, it is a lot safer (and usually easier) to purchase through a company or jeweler who's been verified. There are two very good reasons to do this and they are: the sellers can be held accountable for any discrepancies in their sale or product description and you can see customer reviews and info about them before you buy. Additionally, if they happen to give you a bad deal or a fake watch, they're less likely to go unpunished for their actions

 Is the deal too good to be true?

I'm sure many of you have encountered expensive products at ridiculously low prices. Hopefully some of those deals happened to be real but all too often they're scams to get your email address or worse, your money. There are just some prices that are too low, cause the cheapest Rolex you can get is a used Air King for about 1800 dollars. If you're in the market for a genuine Rolex, always keep an eye on the price and your hands off of the "Buy Now" button 

After your purchase, confirm the authenticity  

Hey, we all make mistakes. Some of us leave the stove on, others forget to walk the dog and there are those select few who buy a fake Rolex. If you ever doubt the authenticity of your new time piece, get a second opinion. Any certified watch dealer or jeweler can verify if the product you just bought was genuine. There's no harm in doubting your what you bought because endless waves of people on the web are out to take advantage of you. 

All in all, buying a Rolex is a great experience and is well worth any hassle; nothing screams status like a Rolex Presidential. Regardless, just because it's an expensive watch doesn't mean you can't get a good deal on it. 

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