Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Most Expensive Rolex Ever

Rolex is famous for its quality watches and infamous for the prices. When somebody thinks "expensive watch" it's usually followed by "Oh yeah... Rolex". Nevertheless, I got curious as to how much money somebody was willing to spend on one of these timepieces. Now, obviously I'm gonna tell you eventually but just take a second to guess. Remember to think like a wealthy Sheikh rather than a regular person.

The price for the record of the most expensive Rolex  was 1.16 million dollars (US, of course)

16 million bucks, that's more than some people make in a lifetime. To think some person spent that on a watch is astounding. All money envy aside, the watch itself is beautiful. The timepiece is composed of baton numerals, 17 jewels and  Arabic rose gold. So while you're sitting there, loathing the man or woman who was able to afford that kind of luxury, let me put into perspective what you can buy with 1.16 million dollars. (Keep in mind these are all approximations that leave you with some money left over).

  1. 5 houses assuming you pay the median house cost in the US 
  2. 12 Porsche 911 cars 
  3. 5 Lamborghini Gallardo cars 
  4. A 12.5 ft tall, 5 tons, fully functional mech robot that you can operate (y'know... Japanese ingenuity)
  5. 1,450 64 GB Iphone 6s model phones 
  6. 570 LED 60in flat screen TVs with 4k ultra HD
  7. 29 Rolex SkyDweller watches 
  8.  232 Pomsky breed dogs
It's crazy how much money some people have! Nevertheless, most of us wish we could be the ones buying that watch. So remember, next time you're in the market for a Rolex, be glad you aren't paying over a million dollars for it

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