Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rolex, the science of watches

As many already know, Rolex is a world-class brand with a keen attention to detail. Although, just how committed is Rolex to their quality? The answer: almost obsessively. Not only does Rolex have an internal R&D department, they also have multiple, well equipped and heavily funded science labs at their facilities. The labs research watches but also look into more efficient and effective manufacturing techniques. On the other hand, you can always see Rolex as a manufacturing conglomerate that just happens to make chronometers and timepieces. In regards to the labs, we're talking about electron microscopes; they have some very advanced (and expensive) stuff. All in all, it goes to show how focused Rolex is on providing the highest quality products they possibly can. So, next time you're looking down at the beautiful piece you've got on your wrist, try to remember what level of work and research went into it.

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